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COUNSELLING BLOG: How to Make the Most of your 20s


1. Travel: Visit all those places, and do the crazy things, that it’s hard to do when you’ve a mortgage and kids.

2. Invest early: Although it sounds boring, taking care of your money, will free you up later to do more with your life.

3. Make long term plans: If you don’t focus now you might…


I’ve come to the conclusion that: everybody knows everybody and I know nobody.

ain’t that the truth :/

// all hearts break. </3 //

i wish i would’ve given you the time of day.

wish i would’ve listened to you as you saw me walk away.

a missed friendship, just a common misconception.

you meant much more to me. 

i now see the light.

i miss you dear. 

- emma elisa

submitted my deposit to columbia. its official. 4.29.2012
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